List of Papers and Authors in LSCE books 1995-2017

1. CONTENTS – LSCE 1995 – Warsaw 25-29.09.1995




1. Organic Design for Modular and High Rise Dwelling Structures, M.BalzGermany
2. Structural Performance of the Saddledome during it First Ten Year of Service, J.BobrowskiUK
3. Reciprocal Frame Past, Present and Future, J.C.Chilton, B.S.Choo, O.PopovicUK
4. 50 Years of Shells, W.H.IslerSwitzerland
5. Lightweight Structures - Their Development and Impact Upon Modern Engineering, Z.S.MakowskiUK
6. Recent Aluminium Space Structures in Colombia, C.MarshCanada
7. Hagia Sophia: The lightweight Dome of The Early Medival Age, I.Mungan, M.Türkmen, A.YükselTurkey
8. Philosophy of Lightweight Structures, J.B.ObrębskiPL
9. Large Spans, Architectural Expectations vs. Structural Logic, A.Z.Pawłowski, P.TrębaczPL
10. Proposals of Shaping Multi Layer Space Structures, J.RębielakPL
11. Applications of Macro Space frame Systems to Housing, P.D.ReissigArgentina
12. The Study of the Dome For the Prague ZOO, M.VasekCzech Republic
13. Design and Construction of Lightweight Manufacturing Facilities i High Seismic Zones, P.A.WronaUSA


14. "Reciprocal Frame" 3 Dimensional Grillage Structure, J.C.Chilton, B.S.Choo, O.PopovicUK
15. A Visionary Design Of a Spot Stadium Roofing, J.F.MączyńskiPL
16. Versions of Easy Buildings and Fencing Constructions, S.I.Mihailec, V.V.Kulyabko, A.A.Dubihvost, I.I.DavidovUkraine
17. Tree Structures, F.MonteroMexico
18. Constructive Peculiarities and Peculiarities of Erection Drawing of Membrane Covering of the Hangar With the Span of 108 m, I.L.RoujanskiRussia
19. New Concepts of Thin Walled Gypsum Constructions, A.WalasekPL



20. Application of Generalized Inverse Matrix to Shape Analysis ofStructures, Y.HangaiJapan
21. Application of Finite Element Method for Calculation of Folding Pneumatic Construction, E.N.Kvascha, E.A.PogasijUkraine
22. Restition Functions, H.Nooshin, P.Disney, S.YamadaUK
23. The Forming and Static Analysis of Cross Vault as the Double Layer Lattice,H.Stankowska, A.KopcewiczPL
24. A shape Generation Model of Free Form Shells, I.Vizotto, F.Iguti, V.F.ArcaroBrasil
25. Geometrical Construction for Spherical Netty Structure with Arbitrary Form, He Xianlian, Lü MingP.R.China
26. Shaping of Structures for Least Weight, W.Zalewski, S.KuśPL


27. Minimum Weight Design of Schwedler Shells, J.Bauer, J.Zawidzka, J.Sumec;PL/Slovak R.
28. Optimization a Basis For Lightweight Structural Design, W.GutkowskiPL
29. Multicriterion Optimization of Space Trusses With Stiffness Variation, S.Jendo, W.M.PaczkowskiPL
30. Optimal Choice of Supporting Conditions for Industrial Steel Hall Roofed by a Double Layer Space Grid , J.A. Karczewski, W.Paczkowski, C.SambelasPL
31. Multicriterion Optimization of Thin Walled Cylindrical Sandwich Shells, M.OstwaldPL
32. Optimal Design of Cylindrical Shell, Which AreContacting With Aggressive Medium, FromUtility Standpoint, Yu.M.Pochtman, M.M.FridmanUkraine
33. Optimum Design of Structures with Reference to Space Structures, Eysa SalajeghehI.R.Iran
34. Optimization of the Tanks Constructive Forms, V.N.Shimanovsky, A.V.ShimanovskyUkraine
35. Design and Optimisation of Lightweight Steel Sandwich Panels, A.J.Stevens, C.M.Davies, A.F.TurnerUK
36. Stability, Durability and the Optimal Design of Ribber Plates Subjected to Corrosion Wear, D.G.Zelentsow, Yu.M.PochtmanUkraine


37. The Limit Load Bearing Capacity of Copmposite Rods From The Condition of the Material Stability Loss, Z.KowalPL
38. Stability of the Steel Imperfect Space Trusses Under Multiparameter Loads –U.Radoń, M.WitkowskiPL
39. Critical States of Imperfect Sensitive Structures, T.Sokół, M.WitkowskiPL
40. Large Rotation and Large Displacement Analysis of Space Frames, Wang Pao Hsii, Huang Shi Lin, Wang Yun cheTaiwan, Republic of China


41. An Influence of Design Parameters in Dynamic Characteristics of Truss for Solar Battery Panels of Skylab, V.I.Andrejev, V.I.ProkopievRussia
42. Dynamic Effects  the enemy No 1 for Lightweight Structures, O.FisherCzech R.
43. Dynamics of easy suspension and cable systems, M.I.Kazanevich, V.V.Kuliadko, A.A.Dubichvost, D.V.Golub, V.P.ChabanUkraine
44. On Identification of Frames from Dynamic Responses, S.A.Łukasiewicz, K.PalkaCanada


45. On the Asymptotic Analysis of Thin Shell's Steadiness with the Regard of Perturbations, A.Yu.EvkinUkraine
46. Design Method of Reticulated Shells Based on an Equivalent Continuum Approximation, S.Kato, I.MutohJapan
47. Fracture Stability of Reinforced Concrete Shells, I.E.Mileikovski, V.I.Kolchunov, L.A.PanchenkoRussia
48. Global and Local Analysis of a PressureVessel i the Elastic Plastic Rage, W.Przybyło, J.Krok, P.Gotkowski, P.SędekPL
49. Computational Analysis of Composite Shells, F.G.Rammerstorfer, M.A.Stiftinger, I.C.Skrna JaklAustria
50. Nonlinear Limit Analysis of R.C. Ribbed Shallow Shells with Different Forms of Surface under Concentrated Loading, V.V.ShugaevRussia
51. Lightweight Steel Reinforced Concrete Composite Roof Structures, V.V.Shugaev, R.AprailovRussia
52. Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking in Analysis of Shell Structures H.WalukiewiczPL
53. A Continuum Modelling the Spatial Lattice Structures, M.Woźniak, I.Cielecka, Cz.WoźniakPL
54. Affine Transformation Membrane Stress Resultant Derivation for a Non Axisymmetric Liquid Field Reservoir in the Form of an Elliptic Cone, A.ZingoniZimbabwe
55. Edge Effects at the Junction of Axisymmertically Intersecting Spherical Shells Forming Compound Domes: Closed Form Results, A.ZingoniZimbabwe


56. Shearing force distribution in I beams with a longitudinal rib poststability web work, V.KatyusninRussia
57. Lines of Extreme Stresses in Beams of Linearly Varying Height, A.Cretu, L.Petho, I.Lazar, N.LobontiuRomania
58. Lightweight Girders With Perforated Webs, M.Drdacky, F.Bartos, J.LesakCzech R.
59. Research on Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams With Openings, A.Kmita, R.WróblewskiPL
60. Fatigue Limit State of Slender Steel Webs Subjected to Repeated Loading, M.Skaloud, T.M.Roberts, M.ZörnerovaCzech R.


61. Sectorial Properties of Thin Walled Sections, M.E. El Awadi, A.W. BeshayEgypt
62. Compact Presentation of Influence Lines for Thin Walled Members,Z.Cywiński, J.GórskiPL
63. About Design of Reinforced Concrete Thin Walled System with the Breaches of Regularity, R.I. KholmuradovUzbekistan
64. Postbuckling and Collapse Behaviour of Thin Walled Beam Columns, M.Kotełko, Z.KołakowskiPL
65. Some Effects Arising from Impact Loading of Thin Walled Structures, N.W.MurrayAustralia
66. Some Torsion Problems in Thin Walled and Composite Bars Mechanics, J.B.ObrębskiPL
67. Cross Section Analysis of Thin Walled Structures by Computer, J.P.Papangelis, G.J.HancockAustralia
68. Generalized Theory of Thin Walled Beams, J.Sejnoha, M.JirasekCzech R.


69. Post yeld and Inadaptation Analysis for Elastic Plastic Structures, H.M.Bondok, M.Janas, A.SiemaszkoEgipt/PL
70. Safety Analyses of High Rise Buildings to Multihazard Risks, U.Hanskötter, W.B.KrätzigGermany
71. Stressed Skin Paels of Mixed Construction for Large Span Buildings, I.R.KligerSweden
72. System of Programs for Dynamic Analysis of Shear Wall Tall Buildings. J.Wdowicki, E.Wdowicka, T.BłaszczyńskiPL


73. The Dependence Between Load Distribution and Mode of Failure in Plates, J.Białkiewicz, H.Kuna Ciskał, P.Mika; PL
74. Wind Induced Vibration for Flexible Structures, M.T.Bourdeix Ribereau, P.Hemon, S.SantiFrance
75. Truss Moment Frames for Ductile Behavior, C.GoelUSA
76. Built up Roofs - Wind Uplift Resistance, G.JohansonSweden
77. Load Models for Highway Bridges, A.S.NowakUSA
78. Fatigue Load Spectra for Steel Girder Bridges, A.S.Nowak, J.A.LamanUSA
79. Estimation of Probabilities of Failure of Ligt Weight Roof Structures Subjected to Snow Load , J.PawlikowskiPL


80. Homogenization Procedure and Pade Approximations in the Theory of Periodically Nonhomogeneous Media, I.V.Andrianow, G.A.StarushenkoUkraine
81. Thermal Load in Sandwich Plates in Different Exploatational Conditions, I.K. El Beshtawy, P.A.WrzecioniarzEgypt/PL
82. Buckling of Fibre Composite Viscoelastic Band with Moderate Thickness, J.GołaśPL
83. The Principles Applied in Using the Sandwich Technique in Building Structures, V.KupilikCzech Rep.
84. Stress Analysis of Laminated Sandwich Beams Subjected to Static and Impact Loads, T.Sava, T.Hagivara, H.OkunoJapan
85. Reliability Based Design of Composite Cylinders and Plates, J.Sejnoha, P.Prochazka, A.FeraidonCzech Rep.


86. State of the Art Manufacturing Forms Using CAD/CAM Systems, W.AdamskiPL
87. Design of Damping Structures in Civil Enngineering Using FEM, J.Freundlich, J.OsińskiPL
88. The New Method of the Structure Calculation Within According to the Limit Equilibrium Theory, R.A.KayumovRussia
89. The Application of the Boundary Element Method for Analysis of Stress Strain State of a Plates and Shallow Shells of Arbitrary Shape, T.V.Kramin, M.V.Kramin, U.P.ArtuhinRussia
90. The Fuzzy Linguistic Variables Defining a State of Members, J.NiczyjPL
91. Computer Design of Lightweight Space Frames for Aerospace Facilities, J.A. O'KonUSA
92. Solving Linear Equation Systems Using Parallel Processing, J.C.Pais, R.M.DelgadoPortugal
93. Computational Advantage Using Generalized Inverse to Problem With Singularity, T.TanamiJapan
94. 3D Computer Modellig Techniques as a Tool for Students of Architecture in the Conceptual Design of Lightweight Structures, S.K.WronaPL
95. On the Computation of Stiffness Matrices for C2 Symmetric Plane Frame Finite Elements – A.ZingoniZimbabwe



96. Nonlinear In Plane Analysis and Lateral Buckling Predictions of Semi Continuous Timber Frameworks, M.A.GiżejowskiPL
97. Polyhedra for Building Structures: why and how?, P.HuybersNetherlands
98. Roundwood Poles in Spatial Structural Arrangements, P.HuybersNetherlands
99. The First and Second Order Models of Green and Cauchy Applied to the Wood, N.T.Mascia, C.VicenteBrasil
100. Investigations of the Ribbed Skin Panels With Harboard Layers, Z.Mielczarek, M.LangePL
101. Wood as a Construction Material in Building Systems, P.J.PelicaneUSA


102. Hypar Space Trusses Formed by Means of Post Tensioning, G.Dehdashti, L.C.SchmidtAustralia
103. Corrugated Hypar Structures, V.Gioncu, D.PetcuRomania
104. Corrugated Deformed Steel Sheets as Material for Shells, A.ReichhartPL
105. Reliability of Corrugated Sheets With Respect to the Shakedown, P. Śniady, R.Sieniawska, S.ŻukowskiPL


106. Serge Ferrari Precontraint Fluotop Fabrics for Textile Architecture, M.HarenzaPL
107. Numerical Problems of Calculation of Hanging Roofs, P. KłosowskiPL 
108. Static Anallysis of the Plane Continuous Cable, J.Kytyr, J.KadlčakCzech R.
109. Alloys With Shape Memory Effect on the Tent  and Pneubildings, E.MiftahkudinovRussia


110. Modelling of Fracture Phenomena   Both Ductile Tearing and Cleavage, J.JackiweiczPL
111. Damage Detection of Multi Story Buildings Using Ambient Vibration Measurement, T.HamamotoJapan
112. Behaviour of Cracked R/C Cooling Tower Shell, T.Hara, S.Kato, H.NakamuraJapan
113. Structural Design Solutions of TallBuildings Taking Into Account Low Cycle Fatigue, M.Łubinski, J.SieczkowskiPL
114. Causes of the Cracks of Ktctk Ayasofya Mosque  Sts Sergius and Bacchus  in Istanbul, G.Özsen, F.Aköz, N.Yüzer, M.ÖzkaramonTurkey
115. Local Crack Tip Strain Concept for Fatigue Cracks Initiation and Propagation in Polymer, A.Shimamoto, E.Umezaki, F.NogataJapan


116. Stress Analysis and Stregth Evaluation of Rectangular T shape Flanged Joints Combining Adhesives with Bolts, T.Sava, T.KobayashiJapan
117. Connections of Space Structures and Their Behaviour, M.Vasek, M.DrdackyCzech Republic
118. Health Risk of Lightweight Structures, V.KupilikCzech Republic
119. The Failure of External Walls from Porous Concrete, V.KupilikCzech Republic
120. Automatic Extraction of Zero Points Using Photoelastic Fringe Image Processing and Its Application to Design of Structural Members, E.Umezaki, T.Kawakami, A.Shimamoto, H.WatanabeJapan



121. Space Structure - Structure Space, S. du ChateauFrance
122. Mostostal Siedlce S.A. - Prefabricated Steel Constructions, G.MeżeryckaPL
123. Lightweight Structures in Architecture: Their Scope and Application, V.SedlakAustralia
124. A Structural System Suitable for Rational Construction, M.KawaguchiJapan
125. The New Generation of Precast Concrete Floor Structure - More Rigid and less weight Composite JZP System, J.Z.PlutaPL
126. The Lightweight and Ecological Multirib Precast Concrete Composite Floor System JPZ-ECOL - The Laboratory Research of Structure, J.Z.Pluta, M.M.Sulajman, K.Pluta, W.SobstylPL


127. Application of Optimization Techniques To the Structural Design - A.SamartinSpain
128. The Postbuckling Behaviour of the Bar Under Cyclic Axial Loading, S.DoroszPL
129. A Priori Estimates of Stability Limits on Nonlinear Load Displacement Paths, H.A.Mang, P.HelnweinAustria
130. Study on Application of HT 780 High Strength Steel Plate to structural Member of Super High Rise Building (PART 1 Development of High Strength Steel with Heavy Gauge and Welding Process), H.Mochizuki, T.Yamashita, K.Kanaya, T.FukasawaJapan
131. Study on Application of HT 780 High Strength Steel Plate to Structural Member of Super High Rise Building (PART 2 Reliability Inspection of the Structure), Y.Hagiwara, A.Kadono, T.Suzuki, T.Fukasawa, Y.TanumaJapan
132. Utilization of 3 D CADD in Analysis, Design and Construction of Mobile Service Tower for Atlas Launch Vehicles, N.Bobczyński, M.Wrona, D.Hansen, H. HowellUSA


133. On the Optimal Layout of Cutting Patterns for Architectural Textile Structures, L.Gründig, E.MoncrieffGermany
134. Conceptual Design, Experimental and Theoretical Analysis, Detailing and Performance of Long Span Lightweight Structural Systems, M.MajowieckiItaly


135. The thread model. An Experimental Form-Finding Method for Open and Closed Ramification Systems, M.KolodziejczykPL



FOREWORD - S.J.Medwadowski

1. Damage Mechanics of Plates, J.BiałkiewiczPL
2. Initial Statical Analysis of the B {T-T} a Space Structure, W.Bober, J.RębielakPL
3. On the General Optimum Design Characteristics and on the Strength, Stiffness and Weight Control of the Structural Members, A.P.Dzjuba, P.I.BulakajevUA
4. Out-Of-Plane Stability of Semi-Continuous Steel Structures Composed of Thin-Walled Members, M.GiżejowskiPL
5. The Way to Shape, H.IslerSwitzerland
6. Application of Localization Limiters to the Multiscale Damage Model, J.JackiewiczPL
7. Mechanical properties of Polymer Composits Structures - Experimental Investigations, B.JancelewiczPL
8. Design Sensitivity of the Reinforced Cocrete Shells Using ABAQUS System, M.Kamiński, D.ZarembaPL
9. Multiple Interaction of Buckling Modes at Compression of Thin-Walled Members, A.Manevich, UAZ.KołakowskiPL
10. Selected Problems of Collapse Behaviour Analysis of Thin-Walled Structures, M.KotełkoPL
11. Certain Aspects of the Experimental Work With the Thread Model Relating to Perception, M.L. KołodziejczykPL
12. Investigation of Applicability of Reissner-Mindlin Finte Elements to the Analysis of Thick Shells, A.B.Kovura, A.P.Kolodiazny, A.A.Komarov, V.B.ShynkarenkoUA
13. Structures With Softening Stiffness Induced by Damage, H.Kuna-Ciskał, P.MikaPL
14. Identification of Real Bridge Constructions, B.Kuśmirek, H.Stankowska, Z WoźniakPL
15. Stability of Axially Compressed Plates After Corrosion, D.V.NagornyiUA
16. Numerical Analysis of Certain Family of Double-Curvature Space Structures, J.B.Obrębski, PL, A.H.FahemaLibya
17. Contemporary Experiments in the Lightweight Structures Mechanics, J.B.ObrębskiPL
18. The Simulation of Corrosionous-Mechanical Behaviour of the Tanks and Pipelines Constructions with Polymer Protective Sheeting, I.G.Ovtchinnikov, A.A.Shein, V.S.MavzovinRussia
19. Test of the Concrete Key Edges Divergent Shear Joints Tangential Displacement in Tin-Walled Multirib Floor System, J.Z.PlutaPL
20. Optimal Design of Cylindrical Reservoirs Taking Into Account the Corrosion and Damage of Material of Structure, Yu.M.Pochtman, M.M.FridmanUA
21. Special Group of Space Structures Shaped on the Basis of the structure B {T-T} a Space Structure, J.RębielakPL
22. Proposal of Structural System of a Hig-Rise Building Formed by Means of Chosen Types of Space Structures, J.RębielakPL
23. Joints in Polymer Composite Structures, M.RodzewiczPL
24. Shaping of Space Structures by Means of Shortening of Cable-Type bottom Chord, R.TarczewskiPL
25. Graphic Preprocessor of System for Static Analysis of Multistorey Buildings, J.Wdowicki, E. Wdowicka, J.LekanPL
26. New Algorithms of Calculation and Optimal Design of Thin-Walled Constructions With Nonstationary Geometrical Parameters, D.G.ZelentsovUA



1. On reduction of computation expenditure in optimum design problems for nonsymmetric loaded plates and revolving shells, A.P.Dzjuba, P.I.BulakajevUA
2. Simpliied programme of comparative tests on mechanical properties of unidirectionally reinforced polymer composites, B.JancelewiczPL
3. Certain aspects of the use of the thread model in the search for self-forming process, M.L. KołodziejczykPL
4. Simulation of damage course by means of continuum damage mechanics, P.MikaPL
5. Introduction to mechanics and application of contemporary structural materials, J.B.ObrębskiPL
6. The application of the improved methods of Lyapunov to the analysis of the tanks and pipelines constructions with corrosion damages of distributed character, I.G.Ovtchinnikov, A.A.Shein, V.S.MavzovinRussia
7. Space trusses as two-way deployable folded structures - principles of geometrical shaping, M.PiekarskiPL
8. Example of creation of space structure as the construction system for a tall building by means of formian, J.RębielakPL
9. Space structures built by means of special types of octahedral bar modules, J.RębielakPL
10. Optimal design of pivot systems with nonstationary geometrical parameters in view of change of the form of cross-section, D.G.Zelentsov, Yu.M.PochtmanUA
11. Distribution of forces in different types of double-layer space structure of double-layer space structure, W.BoberPL



1. V.I.Bolshakov (Ukraine): Microstructure HSLA steels after controlled rolling with direct quenching
2. Z.Cywiński (Poland): The torsional buckling paradox of light weight members: origin and development
3. T.Hyde, S.Leen (UK): Prediction of elastic plastic generalized force displacement responses of tubular joints for three different loading modes
4. S.Jendo, W.M.Paczkowski (Poland): Multicriteria discrete optimization of hall structure using decomposed ortho diagonal method
5. Yu.M.Pochtman (Ukraine): Optimization models and algorithms of calculation of strength for reinforced concrete members
6. G.Solari (Italy): The wind excited behaviour of steel poles and light towers
7. W.Zabłocki (Poland): Shaping lightweight structures


8. O.Baverel, M.Saidani (UK): The milti reciprocal grid system: a self generated structure
9. M.Boryczko, M.Piekarczyk (Poland): On the connections in the cold rolled Zed purlins of the metsec sleeved system
10. A.Catarig, L.Kopenetz, P.Alexa (Romania): Retractable cable membrane structures
11. P.Huybers (Netherlands): The chirality of polyhedra
12. S.Kobielak, A.Klimek, K.Kozłowski (Poland): Roof structural systems of stadiums
13. J.B.Obrębski (Poland): Lightweight structures of the Olympic City - Sydney 2000
14. A.Pawłowski, P.P.Trębacz (Poland): The relationship between structure, achitectural form and user's expectations on the basis of large span sports architecture
15. J.Rębielak (Poland): Structural proposals for long span roofs and high rise buildings
16. P.Stobiecki (Poland): Shaping light roofing with the use of primarily tensioned arch girders
17. B.B.Wang (China): Simplex in tensegrity systems


18. V.A.Baranenko, V.Babitch (Ukraine): Application of high durable steel in lightweight roof trusses
19. V.Krasovsky, G.Morozov (Ukraine): Stresses in a wall of shell vertical cylindrical tanks under foundation subsidence
20. K.H.Laermann (Germany): Evaluation of measured data in nondestructive testing of structures
21. S.A.Łukasiewicz, M.Epstein, R.Babaei (Canada): Analysis of delamination in multilayered plates and shells
22. S.Oya, Y.Hangai (Japan): Buckling behaviours of free form single layer lattice shells
23. D. Pawlus (Poland): The beaviour of ring shaped viscoelastic plate
24. V.A.Polyakov (Ukraine): Analysis and design of lightweight structures, subjected to dynamic loads
25. R.S.Sanjarovski, T.T.Masubaev (Russia): Calculation of reinforced concrete envelopes and plates with cracks
26. A.Zingoni (Zimbabwe): Parametric Study of Stresses in Hyperbolic cooling towers
27. E.M.Zveriaev (Russia): Qualitative method for the evaluation of stresses in thin shells


28. W.Adamski (Poland): Application of CADDS5 system in numerical modeling of objects
29. J.Białkiewicz (Poland): Microdefects evolution in two dimensional structures by means of tensorial damage mechanics
30. W.Bober (Poland): Rigidity of 2SxR 2/4 B{0-0} a double layer space structure of a very compound inner structure
31. J.Freundlich, J.Jachimowicz, J.Osiński (Poland): Modelling of shell construction using FEM
32. S.Golikova (Ukraine): Numerically analytical solution of a contact problem for an elastic layer
33. Z. Hortobagyi (Hungary): Analysis of the critical state the double layer space grids
34. J.Jachimowicz, J.Osiński (Poland): Evaluation of stiffness of constructions taking into consideration contact problems
35. M.Kamiński (Poland): Probabilistic reliability analysis of lightweight structures
36. W.B.Krätzig, S.Y.Noh (Germany): Durability design of large cooling tower shells
37. V.Kulyabko, I.I.Davydov (Ukraine): Problems of increased flexibility and dynamic response of light constructions
38. T.Matsumura, E. Tachibana (Japan): Numerical analysis of cable reinforced membrane structures with using bendable finite element method
39. P.Mika (Poland): Evolution of micro  and macro defects in sandwich plate
40. J.B.Obrębski (Poland): Evaluation of the efficiency of some own programs organization for numerical analysis and synthesis of wide class space bar roofing systems
41. A.Paskalov (Macedonia): Chimney analysis using thick shell finite element
42. A.Poceski (R.Macedonia): Analysis of shells by three dimensional element based on the differential equations
43. M.V.Soare, G. Mandrescu (Romania): Space structures on triple layer grids parametrical study of stress and deformation distribution
44. R.Tarczewski (Poland): Analysis of chosen type of cable suspended space structure
45. V.M.Tripa, A.Cretu, M.S.Tripa, M.Hilbrandt, J.Guillot (Romania/France): On the calculus of the axisymmetrical plates with circumferential vertical load and an intermediate edge using the transfer matrix method 


46. V.I.Bolshakov, M.M.Zherbin (Ukraine): The investigation of efficiency of using strengthened and hardened steels in steel carcasses of buildings with additional floors
47. A.Cretu, M.Hardau, L.Miron, I.Lazar, M.Dedescu (Romania): Stress concentration in wedge and groove joints
48. A.Kmita, R.Wróblewski (Poland): Numerical and experimental analysis of high performance concrete shells used in pipes
49. Z.Mielczarek, K.Wąsowicz (Poland): Experimental investigation of the space truss made from round timber
50. A.Paskalov, D.Petrovski (Macedonia): Dynamic analysis of packs NPP stack structure and comparison with experimental results


51. Z.Cywiński, J.Górski (Poland): Dual interpretation of formulas for thin walled members
52. V.I.Kolchunov, L.A.Panchenko, N.V.Klyueva (Russia): Analysis of thin walled reinforced concrete shell structures
53. Z.Kołakowski, M.Kotełko (Poland): Lower and apper bound estimation of thin walled composite beams
54. J.B.Obrębski (Poland): Numerical examples of the composite bar structures mechanical behaviour
55. J.B.Obrębski R.Szmit (Poland): Analysis of high rise buildings using sets of equilibrium equations of Finite Difference Method


56. R.Kasperska, M.Ostwald (Poland): Multicriterion optimization of rectangular sandwich plates with corrugated core
57. J.B.Obrębski, A.H.Fahema (Poland/ Libya): Examples of the anycriterial space bar domes optimization
58. Yu.M.Pochtman, M.M.Fridman (Ukraine): Optimal design of bending elements of structures in conditions of corrosion and damage of material
59. M.H.Rhuma (Libya): Optimum design of space bar structures with special reference to alternative loads


60. I.Lazar, A.Cretu (Romania): On the stress concentrations in hollow bolts 381
61. P.Mäkeläinen, J.Kesti (Finland): Advanced metod for light weight steel truss jointing 387
62. A.Zingoni (Zimbabwe): The 14FTC U Timbre space frame connector for double layer and triple layer space grids of machined round timber members 392



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14. Morphology of the foundation of a hotel object for artistic creation of Yvaral and for architectural forms of Alain Lobel, A.WalasekPL



Dedication to Professor Walerian Wierzchowski, J.B.Obrębski; PL

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27. Lightweight bars structures solution by Bimomental Experimental Mechanics.SikońPL



I. Information about IASS Polish Chapter
II. Objectives and domain of activity
III. Correspondence
IV. Dedication to Professor Yuriy M. Pochtman - J.B.Obrębski, D.Nagorny, M.M.Fridman
V. FOREWORD - J.B.Obrębski

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i. Documentation
ii. FOREWORD – by M. Kawaguchi (Japan)– IASS President
iii. On the International IASS Symposium in Warsaw, 2002 – by J.B. Obrębski (PL)
iv. Preface – by J.B. Obrębski (PL)


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PART 1 – Structures


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PART 2 – Structural concepts


24. K.B. Obrębski (Poland): Lightweight engineering structures in the space of city, on recent Warsaw examples
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40. A. Walasek (Poland): Gypsum spatial elements of false ceiling

PART 3 – Analysis of structures


41. Y.B. Yang, J.D. Yau (Taiwan): Recent development on geometric nonlinear analysis of space frames
42. G.A. Geniev, L. Małyszko (Russia/Poland): Selected strength and plasticity problems of anisotropic structural materials
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49. E.M. Zveriaev (Russia): Boundary layer complement to classical problem solutions of beam and plate theory


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PART 4 – Application traditional and innovative materials


94. V.I. Bolshakov (Ukraine): Application of steel with the bainite and acicular ferrite structure for building metal construction
95. P. Alyavdin, G. Bryś, F. Werner (Poland/Germany): Theoretical and experimental investigations of thin-walled steel beams subjected to low cyclic loadings
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106. P. Head (UK): FRP composite solutions for sustainable development of transport and industrial infrastructure
107. M. Kamiński (Poland): Current computational issues in composite materials modelling
108. V.M. Karbhari, L. Zhao (USA): Development of FRP composite deck systems and implementation on the kings stormwater channel bridge
109. Urs Meier (Switzerland): Civil Engineers can make better use of the strength of carbon fibre reinforced polymers
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113. R. Sundaram (India): A few examples of large span concrete shell structures in India
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115. J. Schleich, H. Schober (Germany): Design principles of glass roofs
116. G.J. Hobbelman, B. Timm, F.A. Veer, P.M.J van Swieten (The Netherlands): The design of a full glass dome, using a new glass/polymer composite material
117. J. Belis, R. van Impe, G. Lagae, W. Vanlaere (Belgium): The effects of torsion on the load-bearing capacity of single-pane glass beams


118. M. Saitoh (Japan): Tension and membrane structures
119. M. Fujita, X. Lei, N. Hayakawa (Japan): Design and construction of atrium tension structure
120. H.S. Kim, S.D. Kim, M.M. Kang, S.W. Park, T.J. Kwun (Korea): Effects of the bifurcation of hybrid cable dome by improving the structural system
121. V. Kulbach (Estonia): Experience of design, analysis and construction of saddle-formed prestressed networks
122. B.B. Wang, Y. Li (China/Singapore): RP system – Properties, design and application


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131. J. B. Obrębski (Poland): New mechanical problems in analysis of composite bars space structures
132. J. B. Obrębski (Poland): Examples of 3D-time space application for dynamical analysis of structures


PART 5 – Suplement


133. G. Bartoli, C. Borri, F. Mirto, G. Solari (Italy): Some recent advances and developments in wind dynamics of large lightweight engineering facilities
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142. R. Tarczewski (Poland): Compensative structures



I. PREFACE, J.B.Obrębski
II. Information about IASS Polish Chapter, J.B.Obrębski
III. Correspondence
IV. Honours for Professor S.J.Medwadowski in years 2001 to 2003, J.B.ObrębskiPL

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4. Aplication of tensegrity structure in roofing system of high storage warehouse, M. Delineszew, K. SadowskiPL
5. Development of large-size retractable domes and planning aspects, A.GonczarekPL
6. Analysis of composite thin-walled beams with closed cross-section, K.GrygierekPL
7. Nonlinear free vibrations analysis of a cable - supported bridge due to change of the main beam’s rigidity, J.Hendel, M. KiczkaPL
8. Influence of local loading on form and internal forces in a chosen type of membrane structures, M.Kardysz, R.TarczewskiPL
9. Dynamical analysis of non typical masonery structure subject to miners shock, T.Krykowski, Z. Pająk,
10. Stabilization of lightweight constructions, V.V.KulyabkoUkraine
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15. Some recommendations on designing of lightweight structures, J.B.ObrębskiPL
16. Advantages of Finite Differences application for some analyses of structures, J.B.ObrębskiPL
17. Report on Taipei 101 – Story Financial Center high-rise building construction, J.B.ObrębskiPL
18. Some more interesting civil engineering objects in Taipei, J.B.ObrębskiPL
19. Chosen lightweight structures in architecture of sport objects, M.Pelczarski, J.RębielakPL
20. FEMA - MES - 99999 SYSTEM, Version 1.2. LINUX Implemen-tation, W.Przybyło, J. Kalinowski, J. ZdziechowskiPL
21. 3D computational model of complex walkway damaged by a hit of a vehicle driving under it, W. Przybyło, S. Syguła, J.
22. Some examples of the tension-strut structures built by means of concentric hoops, J.RębielakPL
23. Group of the V(TH-H) tension-strut structures, J.RębielakPL
24. Numerical models of chosen group of tension-strut structures, J.RębielakPL
25. Architects and engineers in design process of spatial structures, general remarks, J.Rębielak, R.WysockaPL
26. Prestressed elements of double layer space structure B{D-O} A, W.BoberPL
27. Concept of tension-strut structure with alternately located bars, J.RębielakPL
28. Numerical example of a high-rise building dynamical behaviour, R.Szmit, J.B.ObrębskiPL
29. Report on achievements of IASS Polish Chapter in period 1996-2003, J.B.ObrębskiPL



Information about lASS Polish Chapter, J.B. ObrębskiPL
I. FOREWORD by SJ. MedwadowskiUSA
II. FOREWORD by M. KawaguchiJapan
III. PREFACE by J.B. ObrębskiPL
Dedication to professor Stefan du Chateau, JB.ObrębskiPL

1. On aspects of tensile structures analysis, A. Ambroziak, P. KłosowskiPL
2. Modeling of the structural element behaviour: a contribution to advanced analysis of imperfect structures, A.M. Barszcz, M. GiżejowskiPL/Botswana
3. Experimental tests of light wood-framed constructions, M Baszel, Cz. MiedziałowskiPL
4. The dome-shaped polyhedra with rhombic faces, Z .BieniekPL
5. Dome-shaped polyhedra with rhombic faces and tensegrity extenders, Z. BieniekPL
6. Static effort of space grids, W. BoberPL
7. Basic rules of shaping constructions with self-supporting nodes, W. Bober, Ł. OlszewskiPL
8. New breakwater structures Made of thin reinforced concrete walls, A. Catarig, L. Kopenetz, P. Alexa, Aliz MatheRomania
9. Architectural values of supports in tension membrane structures, K. GerlicPL
10. Minimization of foundation vibrations, I. Gołębiowska, W. NiemczewskaPL
11. Statical analysis of composite thin-walled beams with uncertain parameters, K. GrygierekPL
12. Own vibrations of cooling tower, J. Hendel, M Borowik, P.KozaPL
13. Free vibrations of one-way steel railway viaduct, J. Hendel, S. KaczorowskiPL
14. Bearing capacity of the earth bases under the tape foundations with a convex sole, MS. Hrytsuk, N. V. Czumiczowa, W. Kosmala-KotRepublik Belorus / PL
15. Functionally graded materials in the modelling of lightweight plates, J. Jędrysiak, B. Michalik J. Rychlewska, Cz. WoźniakPL
16. System integrated optimalization - "ZIN-OSY" in building structures design, B. Kapcia, R. KapciaPL
17. Design and erection of reinforced concrete large-span ribbed domes, S. Kobielak, A. KuszelI, R.PiekarzPL
18. Load-bearing capacity of thin-walled three-layered structures – recent achievements in theoretica analysis, M Kotełko, Z. Kołakowski, R. ManiaPL
19. The influence of torsional stiffness of ribs on the critical load carrying capacity of compressed bars, Z. KowalPL
20. Minimization of stress concentrations in forming of plates using the gradient method, S. Krupa, E. KubicaPL
21. Method of of space curved concrete beams analysis subject to corrosion processes, T. KrykowskiPL
22. Nonlinear static ana1ysis of steel structure subject to fire, T. Krykowski, B. KowolikPL
23. Strength criterion ofbrittle Materials in concrete constructions, H. Kubiak, T. CzarniawskiPL
24. Thermo-elastic-plastic material model in sensitivity analysis of  lightweight structures, K. Kubicki, A. SłużalecPL
25. Statistic modelling of results in civil engineering, P. LewowickiPL
26. Elastic-plastic interface model formulation and its FEM implementation, L. MalyszkoPL
27. A comparison of single layer and double layer truss domes, J.Z. Mirski, D. BojczukPL
28. Behaviour of guys of steel masts, J. MurzewskiPL
29. Report on Millau viaduct construction - the tallest one in Europe, J.B. ObrębskiPL
30. Some tests on accuracy computer analysis ofsimple bar structures, J.B. ObrębskiPL
31. Attempt of c1assification of types of membrane structures, M. PelczarskiPL
32. Material hardening in porous lightweight structure undergoing thermomechanical loading, I. PokorskaPL
33. FEMA-MES-99999 System version 2.0 on Live LINUX platform, W. Przybyło, J. KalinowskiPL
34. Overloading of operators in FEMA Systems, W. Przybyło, M. MaźniewskiPL
35. FEMA-DEX System for analysis of non-stationary vibrations of large constructions on LINUX platform, W.Przybyło, J.ZdziechowskiPL
36. Principles of designing shells of profiled steel sheets, A. ReichhartPL
37. The history and development of pneumatic structures in Poland, A.RepelewiczPL
38. Morphological aspects of chosen types of tension-strut structures, J.RębielakPL
39. Shaping of numerical models of a certain group of tension-strut structures, J. RębielakPL
40. Electric charges' behaviour analogy applied to structural optimization of flat and barrel vaulted grids, K. SadowskiPL
41. The dynamic behaviour of aluminium bridge deck panel, T.Siwowski, W.ŁakotaPL
42. Morphofogical similarities of primeval tents and contemporary tensile surface structures, R. Tarczewski; PL
43. Design problems of cold formed lightweight ark structures, R. Walentyński; PL
44. Transformation patterns of the method of displacements for an initially bent compressed bar with joints susceptible to rotations, J. Zamorowski; PL


XI. CONTENTS – LSCE 2005 – Warsaw – 12-14.09.2005

i. Documentation
ii. LSCE 2005 Committees
iii. Information about IASS

I. FOREWORD by S.J.Medwadowski – past IASS President, USA
II. FOREWORD by M. Kawaguchi – IASS President, Japan
III. PREFACE by J.B. ObrębskiPL
IV. Professor S.J. Medwadowski - Honorary Member of IASS Polish Chapter, J.B. ObrębskiPL
V. Dedications for passed away members of IASS PC and for LSCE participants, JB.Obrębski; PL



1. On some of my recent works of lightweight structures, M.Kawaguchi; Japan
2. Investigation of the dynamic behaviour of lightweight spatial constructions, V.V. KulyabkoUkraine


3. Floating-transportable olympic stadium, M. BurtIsrael
4. Features of calculation and constructing of light rods (and frames) at major free lengths and small compressed forces, L.V.KibitkinUkraine
5. Physical modelling of modular inflated shells – an initial research, Romuald TarczewskiPL
6. Shaping sport halls with circular arches, Wojciech ZabłockiPL
7. Influence of a scheme flat double layer space bar roofs on its behaviour and calculated results, J.B.ObrębskiPL


8. Deployable tensegrity modules for applications in lightweight structures, Z. BieniekPL
9. The geometry of stressed lightweight structures, L. Kopenetz, A. Catarig, P. AlexaRomania
10. About geometric invariability of cable and strut domes, Z.Kowal, J.MirskiPL
11. Morphological aspects and numerical models of structures shaped around triangular-hexagonal grid, J. RębielakPL
12. Some recent lightweight structures in Warsaw, J.B.ObrębskiPL


13. History of an earthquake, G.B. Arato, P. Clemente, M. Indirli, A. Martelli, B. SpadoniItaly
14. On constitutive modelling for technical woven fabric, A. Ambroziak, P. Kłosowski; PL 


15. Effects of mass of multiple tuned mass damper on harmonic response, I. Gołębiowska, W. NiemczewskaPL
16. Employment of dynamic forming method to high-rise buildings being under the affect of urban seismic, V.V.Kulyablo, I.V.Didenko, A.V.BanakhUkraine
17. Building application of the Italian seismic vibration passive control systems, A.Martelli, M.ForniItaly
18. Seismic behavior of rigid bar reinforced concrete columns, M.PastravRomania


19. Displacement affect of bearings for stress and deformation state of a cable-supported bridge, J.Hendel, M.KiczkaPL
20. Eigen mode initial imperfection influence on behaviour of thin-walled systems, J. Kala, Z. Kala, M. ŠkaloudCzech Republic
21. An aerodynamic tailoring of lightweight bridges, J. Kala, A.NevařilCzech Republic
22. Analysis and design of suspension structures with yelding supports, V.Kulbach, E.KiviEstonia
23. Influence of the guide bar onto spatial work of unloading steel bridge, W. Przybyło, S. Syguła, J. ZdziechowskiPL


24. Vibration absorption of lightweight structures by application of vibration protection arrangements of passive type A.V.Dukart, E.B. Koreneva, A.I.OleynikRussia/Kazakhstan
25. Procedure and results of full-scale investigations of the dynamic behaviour of wind-driven electric plant towers, Ye.V.Horokhov, M.V.Busko, S.V.Turbin, S.N.BakayevUkraine
26. New expedient of the accelerated projection of light constructions of exhibition halls, V.V.Kulyabko, A.V.Maslowskyi, A.A. BystryakovUkraine
27. Harmonic vibrations of frames. An approach aimed at symbolic computation, T.LewińskiPL


28. An alternative European approach to advanced analysis of planar steel frameworks, M. A. Giżejowski, A.M.Barszcz, P.KrólBotzwana/PL
29. Comparison of fuzzy set theory and stochastic method results in application to the analysis of the load-carrying capacity of steel members under tension, Zdeněk Kala, Abayomi OmishoreCzech Republic
30. Sensitivity analysis of the stability problems of steel structures, Abayomi OmishoreCzech Republic
31. The effect of many times repeated loading on the post-buckled behaviour of the webs of steel plate girders, M.Škaloud, M.ZornerováCzech Republic
32. On the compound branching problem and post-critical equilibrium paths, T. SokółPL


33. Comparative investigation into buckling loads and load-bearing capacity of thin-walled columns under compressionon, M. Kotełko, Z. Kołakowski, J. RhodesPL, UK
34. Parallelizing the FEMA system, M.Maźniewski, W.PrzybyłoPL


35. Sensitivity analysis of the state of stress in the crack-prone areas of breathing webs, Z. Kala, J. Kala, M.Škaloud, B. TeplýCzech Republic
36. Stability of cold-formed members composed of double Σ profiles, W.Kąkol, Vinh An NguyenPL
37. On the boundary conditions for a finite element model for thin-walled, cold-formed steel purlins, M. De Strycker, K.B.Katnam, G.Lagae, R. Van ImpeBelgium
38. Interaction relations in the model of the lap joint of thin-walled structure under complex load state, W.Wuwer, R.WalentyńskiPL


39. Behaviour features of translucent carbon fiber-reinforced plastic panels in structure of suspended rod shell, E.V. Gorohov, V.F. Muschanov, I.N. RudnevaUkraine 
40. Non-linear analysis of composite members subjected to eccentric compression, C.Mircea, G.Petrovay, H.NicoaraRomania
41. Own theories, analytical, numerical and experimental methods elaborated for lightweight structures, J.B.ObrębskiPL
42. Preliminary project of small masonry dome for cemetery chapel, J.B.Obrębski, K.B.ObrębskiPL
43. Investigation into shear load carrying capacity of laminar or sandwich composite structures, M. Rodzewicz, P. Ciesla, A. SudejkoPL


44. Multiresolutional analysis of some lightweight structures, M. KamińskiPL
45. Orthotropic Rankine-type plasticity model, L.MałyszkoPL
46. Optimisation of flat slab structures based on the limit states design, A.T. MirceaRomania
47. Optimal design of circular plates according to different criteria, L. Palizzolo, A. Caffarelli, M. ZitoItaly
48. Critical loading of three-layered annular plates, D.PawlusPL


49. Building shape online – an ontological approach to organization and visualisation, P.Jurewicz, V.F.J.SedlakAustria, Australia
50. World Cup 2002 and 2006 stadiums with retractable roof technology with a case study of arena auf Schalke from builder’s perspective, Igor SiotorGermany

CHAPTER 13 – ABSTRACTS (Not presented)

51. Finite element modelling of lined light-gauge steel wall panels: lateral strength, Abstract; V. A. Öven, K. KaradumanTurkey
52. An attempt to create an architectural mega structure using cold formed light-gauge steel members, Abstract, M. Sahin, V. A. ÖvenTurkey


53. Information about IASS Polish Chapter, J.B. ObrębskiPL
54. Eleven editions of the book and conferences on Lightweight Structures in Civil Engineering, J.B. ObrębskiPL
55. Contents 1995-2004 - List of papers published in LSCE books, J.B. ObrębskiPL
56. List of general lectures given during LSCE conferences, J.B. ObrębskiPL
57. Author index for LSCE books 1995-2004, J.B. ObrębskiPL
58. Lists of members of Honorary, Scientific, Organizing Committees and Advisory Panel for particular LSCE 1995-2005, J.B. ObrębskiPL
59. List of numbers the papers from countries declared by authors in particular years, J.B. ObrębskiPL
60. Studio AGAT – graphical and editorial support of LSCE books, J.B. ObrębskiPL



i Information about LSCE
ii Dedications for passed away friends of IASS Polish Chapter
iii Information about IASS Polish Chapter
iiii Jubilees our distinguished members and friends
iiiii FOREWORD by J.B. Obrębski - chairman of IASS PC



1. On constructional solutions for tensile structures, A. Ambroziak, P. KłosowskiPL
2. The use of the theory of fuzzy sets in design of minimum volume trusses, V.A. Baranenko, A.Yu. VojnakovUkraine
3. Section class dependent strength surfaces of I sections for inelastic analysis of spatial metal structures, A. M. BarszczPL
4. Tensegrity modules with a discontinuous network of cables, Z.BieniekPL
5. Application of the orthotropic Rankine-type model to masonry panels, P.Bilko, L.MałyszkoPL
6. Mass customization - unique structures, optimization of solutions, lowering costs, P. BuckPL
7. Application of the Peano curve-based global search algorithm in the geometry optimization of tulip-like space structures, S. CzarneckiPL
8. Permanent roof structures over stands of renewal sports stadiums, Ye.V.Horokhov, V.F.Mushchanov, Yu. V. Syvokon Yu.V.Ukraine
9. Ultimate loads and energy dissipation of thin-walled profiles with edge stiffeners under compression, Z. Kołakowski, M. Kotełko, T. Kubiak, R.ManiaPL
10. Experimental and theoretical investigations of concrete-filled steel tubes members, A. Kuranovas, A.K. KvedarasLithuania
11. Trends in optimal design of composite structures, A.MucPL
12. UNIDOM – space bar system, J.B.ObrębskiPL
13. Lightweight structures in civil engineering – evelopment, state-of-the-art, tendencies, advantages, weak sides, J.B.ObrębskiPL
14. Comparative examples of instability analyses for straight bars in the light of theory and standards, J.B.Obrębski, J.TolksdorfPL
15. Application of hypermatrix and macromodel concepts in large structures’ optimization, W.Przybyło, J.ZdziechowskiPL


16. Establishing density of check points on a cooling tower shell, W. Anigacz, K. PiątekPL
17. Application of algebraic methods for shaping of grid structures, W. Bober, R. TarczewskiPL
18. Cable Domes – twenty years of successful operating, W. Bober, R. TarczewskiPL
19. A review of practical fire stability design criteria in Eurocode 3: part 1.2, M.A. GiżejowskiPL
20. Effect of mass distribution on effectiveness of multiple tuned mass damper, I.Gołębiowska, W.SakiewiczPL
21. Tensegrity as art of engineering, A. IwańskiPL
22. Computational sensitivity analysis of the lightweight shells in the underground structures, M. KaminskiPL
23. Minimal surfaces and possibilities of their use, J.ŁaszczyńskaPL
24. Optimal safety of leightweight structures, J.MurzewskiPL
25. Small masonry dome with reinforced concrete ribs, J.B. ObrębskiPL
26. Group of spatial structures of the type VA(TH)No2, J.RębielakPL
27. Specific forms of space frames in structural systems of high-rise buildings, J.RębielakPL
28. On the influence of oblique cutting of profiled still sheet on its shell shape, A.Reichhart, J.Abramczyk; PL
29. Buckling mode interaction and imperfection sensitivity analysis, T. SokółPL
30. Lightweight structures for utilizing wind power in urban environment – Advantages and disadvantages, A.TrzebskaPL 
31. Ice Skating Centre in Warsaw, W.ZabłockiPL



i Information about LSCE
ii Information about IASS Polish Chapter
iiii FOREWORD by J.B. Obrębski - chairman of IASS PC


1. Semirigid steel frames: ductility versus strength, P. Alexa, A. Cătărig, L. Kopenetz, A. Mathe, I. LădarRomania
2. The tetrahedron as the basic form of tensegrity module for deployable tensegrity atructures, Z. BieniekPL
3. Compressive behaviour of tetrahedral tensegrity module made from steel tubes and cables, Z. BieniekPL
4. Morphological analysis in structural design, W. Bober, R. TarczewskiPL
5. Three-dimensional space tesselations for generating structural systems, W. Bober, R. TarczewskiPL
6. Design of а membrane shell of the permanent roofs over stands of sports stadium Ye.V. Gorokhov, V.F. Mushchanov, Yu.V. SivokonUkraine
7. Sobol’s sensitivity indices in applications to stability problems of steel structures, Z. KalaCzech Republic
8. Safety of damaged historical buildings, L. Kopenetz, A. Cătărig, P. AlexaRomania
9. About geometry of pentagonal double-layer substructures in UNIDOM space bar system, J.B. ObrębskiPL
10. Geometry of node for UNIDOM space bar system, J.B. Obrębski, M.Z. ObrębskiPL
11. The analysis of calculations of load-carrying capacity for nails per single shear plane in connections of timber elements, S.PodulkaPL
12. Examples of forms and applications of the JR Tetra System, J. RębielakPL
13. CFRP composites and their sensibility to fatigue or impact loads, M. RodzewiczPL
14. Bimomental photoelasticity: M.R. SikońPL
15. Laser cutting of tubes: possibilities in lightweight structures, M. De Strycker, K. Vanden Hautte, D. Debruyne, W. Van PaepegemBelgium
16. The National Stadium Complex In Warsaw. Wojciech ZabłockiPL


17. A mathematical – geometric model of the corrugated steel sheet of the building shell, J. AbramczykPL
18. Sopot Forest Opera – History and future, A. Ambroziak, P. KłosowskiPL
19. Modelling of the behaviour experimentally tested angle braced steel portal frames, A.M. BarszczPL
20. Failure modes of composite beams in the hogging moment region of continuous or semi-continuous systems, M. A. Gizejowski, W. SalahPL/Egypt
21. Dynamic lateral crushing of box-section beam (strain-rate sensitivity analysis), M Kotełko, R.Mania, Z.KołakowskiPL
22. Using the FEMA–MES system – computations of very large structures, W. Przybyło, J. ZdziechowskiPL
23. FEMA-MES system on small computers equipped with parallel hypermatrix macromodels – examples of computations of bridges’ structures, W. Przybyło, S. Syguła, J. ZdziechowskiPL
24. Generalized formulation of eigenvalue problem for nonlinear stability analysis T. SokółPL
25. Information about the book of Wojciech Zabłocki „Architektura Architecture”, J.B. Obrębski, PL



i Information about LSCE
ii Information about IASS Polish Chapter
iiii FOREWORD by J.B. Obrębski - chairman of IASS PC


1. Optimal designing of trusses by the criterion of energy content, V.A. Baranenko, A. М. SopilnyakUkraine
2. Mechanics of tensegrity structures – the extended Maxwell’s rule, and form-finding methods, Z. BieniekPL
3. Tutte-maxwell-cremona method of spatial reconstruction of planar tilings, W. Bober, R. TarczewskiPL
4. Generation of graphs and polyhedra by means of circle packing, W. Bober, R. TarczewskiPL
5. Lawrence lifting and gale diagrams applied for construction of projectively unique polytopes, Bober, R. TarczewskiPL
6. Determining the geometric parameters of frame octahedron-based geodesic domes, D. Bysiec, J. MirskiPL
7. “Monitoring areas”approach to assessment of load capacity at collapse of metal profiles uder bending and torsion, S.D.GawłowskiPL
8. Control systems for vibrating structures, I. Gołębiowska, W.SakiewiczPL
9. New orthotropic failure criteria for masonry, S. Jemioło, L. MałyszkoPL
10. Vibrations of elastic trusses with random parameters by the response function method and the stochastic perturbation technique, M.M. Kamiński, J. SzafranPL
11. Anisotropic constitutive models for masonry with different failure mechanisms, L. MałyszkoPL
12. New forms of JR Tetra structural systems, J. RębielakPL
13. Experimental investigations of the stability behaviour of slender section steel-concrete composite beams with web openings, W. Salah, M.A. GizejowskiEgypt /PL
14. Numerical finite element modelling of the stability behaviour of slender section steel-concrete composite beams with web openings, W. Salah, M.A. GizejowskiEgypt/PL
15. Review of own complecs researches related to bar structures, J.B. ObrębskiPL
16. Large structural structures' optimatization methods with hyper-matrices and macromodels, W. Przybyło, J. ZdziechowskiPL



i Information about LSCE
ii Information about IASS Polish Chapter
ii Dedication for passed away friend of IASS Polish Chapter Prof. Jan Karczewski
iii IASS Policy on Chapters Approved at 26 October, 2008 and corrected
iiii Polish Members of IASS – 27 June, 2009
iiiii FOREWORD by J.B. Obrębski - chairman of IASS PC


1. Performance based analysis of semirigid steel frames, P. Alexa, Al. Cătărig, Aliz Mathe, Ioana Lădar, O. ProdanRomania
2. Structurally equivalent configurations and divisibility of tensegrity cylinders, Z. BieniekPL
3. Geometric-static study of chosen family of one- and two-layered frame domes, D. Bysiec, J. MirskiPL
4. Geometrically nonlinear analysis of semirigid steel structures, Al. Cătărig, P. Alexa, L. Kopenetz, Aliz Mathe, Ioana LădarRomania
5. A three dimensional cubic block – numerical solutions based on the selected meshfree methods, CzarneckiPL
6. Wind loading on structures – Wind characteristics, reviw of testing, in-situ measurement, Computer modelling and code estimation procedures, M. Cwik, M. A. Gizejowski , A. GoligerPL, Republic of South Africa
7. Orthotropic elastic-plastic model of masonry for a numerical analysis in spatial stress state, S. Jemioło, M. Gajewski, L. Małyszko, P. BilkoPL
8. Applications of advanced variance-based methods in civil engineering, Z. Kala, A. OmishoreCzech Republic
9. Numerical simulation of the Euler problem for the elastic beams with random parameters, M.M. Kamiński, P. ŚwitaPL
10. Eigenvibrations of high telecommunication tower with random parameters by the response function method and SFEM, M.M. Kamiński, J. SzafranPL
11. Problems of interventions on lightweight structures, L. Kopenetz, Al. Cătărig, P. Alexa, A. MatheRomania
12. Estimation of forces and displacements in tensegrity structures, Z. Kowal, J.Z. MirskiPL
13. Progress of worldwide application of seismic isolation and energy dissipation, A. Martelli, M. ForniItaly,
14. Structural behavior of the transylvanian business centre, C. Mircea, A. FaurRomania
15. Monitoring and surveying of the settlings and foundation system of a gas scattering chimney, A. Mircea, C. MirceaRomania
16. Theory for thin-walled bars – performed investigations and tests, J.B. ObrębskiPL
17. Early project and proposal of covering structures for church in Fortress Modlin, J.B.Obrębski, K.B. ObrębskiPL
18. Report on ‘Prinkipo Palace’ in Büyükada - probably the biggest timber house built in the world, J.B. ObrębskiPL
19. Application of the interior point method to truss topology optimization, T. Sokół, T. LewińskiPL
20. Influence of web openings on failure by lateral-torsional buckling of cellular beams, D. Sonck*, W. Vanlaere, G. Lagae, R. Van ImpeBelgium
21. Analysis of high-rise buildings dynamical behavior with use finite differences in thin-walled bars theory, R. SzmitPL
22. Recent buildings and designs by Wojciech Zabłocki, W. Zabłocki, PL


23. Shaping of steel frames for cantilever building structure, W. Bober, R. TarczewskiPL
24. Basic problems of acoustic screens structure for AOW, W. Bober, R. TarczewskiPL
25. System of index description for lattice space structures, D. FiselPL
26. Teaching of structural designing, M. PelczarskiPL
27. Notions on single family passive house, K. Sowa, W. PrzybyłoPL
28. Shaping of ring domes, P. StobieckiPL
29. Reverse Topological Method of shaping structures, W. Bober, R. TarczewskiPL
30. Reinforced concrete pillar foundations in a protecting pipe made of stoneware prefabricated elements, A. WalasekPL
31. Lenticular girder - structural form and propositions of application in architecture and civil engineering, J. RębielakPL



i Information about LSCE
ii Information about IASS Polish Chapter
ii IASS Policy on Chapters Approved at 26 October, 2008 and corrected
iii Polish Members of IASS – 27 June, 2009
iiii Short report on IASS-2010 Symposium in Shanhgai at November 8-12, 2010
iiiii FOREWORD by J.B. Obrębski - former chairman of IASS PCs



1. Applications of tensegrity principle for building structures, Zbigniew BieniekPL
2. Experimental-theoretical researches the ways of vibrations damping for rigid bus construction, Ye.V. Gorokhov, V.F. Mushchanov, V.V. Kulyabko, Ye.V. Denisov, A.V. Maslovsky, V.N. Vasylev, Yu. I. Salivon, S.А. FomenkoUA
3. Convexity of the structural stability domain of plane frames subjected to axial forces, K.Hetmański, T. LewińskiPL
4. Evaluation of the critical moments of the aluminium I-beams with random parameters, M. Kamiński, M. SoleckaPL
5. A proposed technique for assessing effectiveness of passive protection, I. Lădar ,O. Prodan, F. Blaga, P. AlexaRomania
6. Implementation tests of orthotropic elastic-plastic models into a commercial finite element code, L. Małyszko, S. Jemioło, P. BilkoPL
7. Examples of modeling dynamic properties of structures using laser scanning and finite elements, L. Małyszko, Kaczmarczyk, B.FelkaPL
8. Semirigidity contribution to seismic behavior of steel structures, Aliz Mathe, F. BlagaROMANIA
9. Stability of steel pillar supporting acoustic screen, J.B.Obrębski, PL
10. Analysis of realization for selected commercial objects: M.Z. ObrębskiPL
11. Seismic mitigation: Base isolators versus viscous dampers, O. Prodan, I. Lădar, F. BlagaRomania
12. Peculiar case of unfolded surface, P. StobieckiPL
13. Dynamic analysis of football stadium tribunes’ precasted concrete elements, J. Zdziechowski, W. PrzybyłoPL

LATE PAPERS (not reviewed)

14. Ammann bars – new concept in shaping planar lattices, W. Bober, R. TarczewskiPL
15. Shaping of t-section steel post for acoustic screen, W. Bober, R. TarczewskiPL
16. Transformation of topological models by means of graph multiplication, W. Bober, R. TarczewskiPL
17. Influence of post-tensioning configuration on static behavior of some spatial lattice structures, D. FiselPL
18. Building conception of the reconstruction of erosion damage of estste bank at its boundary with river-bed by construction in a pavilion set, A.WalasekPL



I Information about LSCE, J.B. Obrębski
II Information about IASS Polish Chapters, J.B. Obrębski
III IASS Policy on Chapters Approved at 26 October, 2008 and corrected, J.B. Obrębski
IV Polish Members of IASS – 27 June, 2009, J.B. Obrębski
V MINUTES from organizing meeting of IASS PCs, J.B. Obrębski
VI Short report on IASS activity and on Symposium in London at September 20-23, 2011, J.B. Obrębski
VII FOREWORDS, M. Kamiński, R. Tarczewski, J.B. Obrębski


1. Geometrical shaping of spatial structures composed of the light guage shells, J. AbramczykPL
2. Conceptual design study of complex grid systems, Z. BieniekPL
3. Irregular forms of random graphs, W. BoberPL
4. Shaping bar shells using contracting method, W. Bober, D. FiselPL
5. Implementation of PETSc system in the finite element algorithms for the linear and non-linear elasticity problems, S. Czarnecki, P. WawruchPL
6. The influence of the rotational spring stiffness on the buckling resistance of cold-formed zed purlins, J. Goczek, M. GajdzickiPL
7. Interaction formulae for cross-section subjected to bending, shear and axial force in Eurocode 3 approaches, J. Goczek, Ł. SupełPL
8. Eigenvalue analysis for footbridge with random stiffness by stochastic Finite Element Method, M.M. Kamiński, J. SzafranPL
9. Efficient design of cold-formed steel structural members, M.P. Kulatunga, M. MacdonaldUK
10. On plane funicular structures, T. Lewiński, T. SokółPL
11. Preliminary analyses of coverings proposed for new church in Fortress Modlin, J.B. ObrębskiPL
12. Analysis of management effectiveness for investment process, M.Z.ObrębskiPL
13. Dynamical analysis of footbridges with use finite differences in thin-walled bars theory, R. SzmitPL
14. Random disorder in structural lattices, R. TarczewskiPL
15. Some aspects of prestressed prefabricated TT slabs bearings, J.Zdziechowski, W. PrzybyłoPL
16. Problems with correct design of bearings of football stadium’s tribunes prefabricated concrete transom beams, J. Zdziechowski, W. PrzybyłoPL


17. Stochastic corrosion effects on reliability of steel beams with I profiles, M.M. Kamiński, I. KrauzePL
18. Load-capacity stochastic sensitivity analysis of thin-walled box-section beam, P. Lis, M. Kotełko, Z. KołakowskiPL


XVIII. CONTENTS – LSCE 2012 – Warsaw (WAT)

I Information about LSCE, J.B. Obrębski
II Information about IASS Polish Chapters, J.B. Obrębski
III Dedication for professor Mungan, J.B. Obrębski
IV In memorium Konrad Bartłomiej Obrębski - Chaiman of the IASS Polish Chapter No 5, J.B. Obrębski
V IASS Policy on Chapters Approved at 26 October, 2008 and corrected, J.B. Obrębski,
VI Polish Members of IASS – 27 June, 2009, J.B. Obrębski
VII STATUTE of IASS PCs, R.Tarczewski J.B. Obrębski,
VIII Short report on IASS activity and on Symposium in Seul at May 20-23, 2012, J.B. Obrębski
IX FOREWORDS, W. Przybyło, R. Tarczewski, J.B. Obrębski


1. Multi-segment shell structures, J. AbramczykPL
2. Free forms of light gauge steel shell structures, J.AbramczykPL 
3. Investigations into the modeling of angle brace members, A.M.Barszcz
4. Tensegrity gyrobifastigium, Z. BieniekPL
5. Astronomical telescope of Hevelius, model analysis, W. BoberPL
6. Proposal of frame prefabricated concrete columns and steel beams structural system, W. Bober, D. FiselPL
7. Wind presure loading for tall buildings – A case study of Warsaw Trade Tower, M. Cwik, M. Giżejowski, A.M. Goliger, M. SitekPL/RPA
8. Importance assessment for sensibility sources for lightweight structures, M. Dytczak, G. GindaPL
9. Reliable identification of lightweight structure failure cause-effect chain components, M. Dytczak, G. Ginda, J. Pawlikowski, T.WojtkiewiczPL
10. Congressional Pavilion in the Royal Castle in Warsaw – aspects to design, K. Janczura, W. BoberPL
11. Mechanical characteristics of laminated timber bridges preliminary study, L. Małyszko, A. RutkiewiczPL
12. Students’ perspective on the attainment of graduate attributes through the design project, R. Moalosi, M.T. Oladiran, M.A. Giżejowski, J.UziakBOTSWANA, PL
13. Some observations on mechanical behaviour of bars with composite cross-sections, J.B. ObrębskiPL
14. Architecture proposed for new church in Fortress Modlin, K.B. Obrębski, J.B. Obrębski, PL
15. Critical points by realization of investment in commercial objects, M.Z. ObrębskiPL
16 .Building design proposal for EIT+ Research Centre in Wrocław, M. OsieckiPL
17. New design strategies for shaping organic architecture, M. Osiecki, R. TarczewskiPL
18. Experimental shell roof structure in Maracaibo – Venezuela, M. PelczarskiPL
19. Comaparative static analysis of two families two-layered octahedron-based geodesic domes, D. PilarskaPL
20. A method of static calculation and shape of structural system developed by application of principles of superposition, J.RębielakPL
21. Review of some structural systems developed recently by help of application of numerical models, J. RębielakPL
22. Basis for the application of spongy forms in architecture, R.TarczewskiPL
23. Technical determinants of realizing organic architectural forms from reinforced concrete elements, R.TarczewskiPL
24. Movement in sport architecture of Wojciech Zabłocki, W. ZabłockiPL
25. Football stadium’s prefabricated reinforcement elements design issues, J.Zdziechowski, W.PrzybyłoPL


XIX. CONTENTS – LSCE 2013 - Olsztyn

I FOREWORDS, L. Małyszko, R. Tarczewski, J.B. Obrębski
II Dedication for professor J.Z. Pluta, J.B. Obrębski
III Seventieth anniversary of professor Jan B. Obrębski, R. Tarczewski
IV Statute of POC of IASS PCs, R. Tarczewski, J.B. Obrębski
V Short information about LSCE and on IASS Polish Chapters


1. A way of shaping light gauge shell structures by putting auxiliary tetrahedral compositions together, J. AbramczykPL
2. Examples of application of digital image correlation system aramis for testing of the structural elements, C. Ajdukiewicz, M.Gajewski, R. Winzer, S. JemiołoPL
3. The class theta modular tensegrity grids based on tetrahedron and triangular prism, Z. BieniekPL
4. Passive control of structural vibrations, I. Gołębiowska, W. SakiewiczPL
5. Sensitivity analysis of simple random beam models by means of monte carlo methods using variance reduction techniques, J. Górski, M. Oziębło, K. WinkelmannPL
6. Dynamic analysis of lightweight structure of the roof of arena Czyzyny in Cracow subjected to the wind Fluctuations described by Davenport’s spectrum, K.Grębowski, J.Przewłócki, K.Wild
7. Modular architecture as alternative approach to traditional construction processes, R. Janowicz , B. Konarzewska, J. PrzewłóckiPL
8. Calculating columns of significant slenderness using the eurocode 2 and exact methods, K. KlempkaPL
9. Numerical study on punching shear of RC flat slabs: effect of stamp shapes, S. Klovanych, L. MałyszkoPL
10. Static and dynamic characteristic of masonry bridge using laser scanning and finite elements, E. Kowalska, A. Rutkiewicz, L.MałyszkoPL
11. Light-weight construction of demountable hangar with regard to different construction solutions, S.Niewitecki, G. WęcławskiPL
12. Comparison of some critical loadings for seemingly similar bars with composite cross-sections, J.B. ObrębskiPL
13. Analysis of profits by application of the method EV for monitoring realization of running investment project, M.Z. ObrębskiPL
14. Shaping methodology  for the roof structure for building of Supersam designed by Prof. Wacław Zalewski, M. PelczarskiPL
15. The point estimate method in a reticulated shell reliability analysis, J. Przewłócki, J. Górski, P. SornPL
16. Probabilistic sensitivity of limit states of structures, M. SkowronekPL
17. An introduction to SFEM reliability analysis of the corrugated steel I-beam girder. D. Sokołowski, M. KamińskiPL
18. Stochastic fire simulation of the telecommunication tower in ABAQUS by the Response Function Method, M.Strąkowski, M.KamińskiPL
19. Analysis and design solutions of modern lightweight mullion-transom curtain walls, R. Szmit, M. BobkowskaPL
20. Influence of lightweight structures used in swimming pools and water parks object on their functionality, Building form and spatial-visual effects indoors, M. SztafrowskiPL
21. Review of structural systems used as a light roof covering of tennis courts, R. TarczewskiPL
22. The reasons of considerable deflections of roof trusses in engineering analysis, J. Wojtas, J. Kaczmarek, J. PrzewłóckiPL


XX. CONTENTS – LSCE 2014 - Warszawa

For memory of passed away Prof. V.V. Shugaev

I Dedication for professor V.V. Shugaev, B.S. Sokolov, J.B. Obrębski, PL
II Committees of LSCE-2014, J.B. Obrębski, PL
III FOREWORDS, R. Tarczewski, J.B. Obrębski, PL


General Lectures

1. Documentation of RC Shell and Spatial Structures, Görün Arun, Turkey
2. Dealing with early age cracking of concrete structures, C. Mircea, Romania
3. Calculation of carrying capacity of reinforced concrete conic shallow shells with basicring on radially movable supports, VV. Shugaev, B.S. Sokolov, Russia
4. Thunderstorm loading and response of structures, G. Solari, Italy

Invited Lectures

5. Fatigue analysis of slender structures under turbulent wind actions, M.P. Repetto, Italy
6. New Structural Technologies for Stadium Roofs, I. G. Siotor, Ch. Schloegl, Canada, Germany
7. A new footbridge to connect Şirinevler district in Istanbul, E. Siviero, A. Stocco, F. Zago, A. Toraro, Italy

Regular Papers

8. Shaping of general forms of shell structures with polyhedral approximaties, J. Abramczyk, PL
9. Some examinations on behavior of profiled sheets freely twisted in a shell, J. Abramczyk, PL
10. A prototype model of deployable tensegrity girder – an experimental study, Z. Bieniek, PL
11. The membrane roof effect on the microclimate of open space of a mall in Katowice, K. Gerlic, PL
12. Damage plasticity model – seismic analysis of structure of the Petronas Twin Towers (Kuala Lumpur) in Malaysia, K. Grębowski, M. Zielińska, PL
13. Study of multi floor concrete skeleton structures of office buildings, Olga Kołodziej, W. Przybyło, PL
14. Problems of surability of reinforced concrete walls tanks, chimneys exposed for chemically active environment, M. Maj, PL
15. Constitutive modelling of elastic brittle-materials, P.Mika, PL
16. Examples of advances analyses for straight bars, J.B. Obrębski, PL
17. Church for Fortress Modlin – some results of analyses, J.B. Obrębski, PL
18. Analysis of influence a choice of management system for investment project on its profitability, M.Z. Obrębski, PL 
19. Shaping ceiling plate structures with no orthogonal rib nets, M. Pelczarski, PL
20. Load-carrying capacity research of groups of bars chosen family two-layered geodesic domes, D. Pilarska, M. Nalepka, J. Skowrońska, PL
21. Mechanical behaviour of larch wood under tension based on own experiments with contactless measurements system, A. Rutkiewicz, E. Kowalska, L. Małyszko, PL
22. SFEM reliability analysis of the corrugated steel I-beam girder with vertical ribs, D. Sokołowski, M. Kamiński, PL
23. Comparative analysis of the single shell steel chimney according to PN-B and PN-EN standards, J. Szafran, K. Baliński, PL
24. Artistic techniques in the shaping of architectural forms, R. Tarczewski, A. Wolska, PL
25. The “double spiral”, Tulip and Conservatory buildings, W. Zabłocki, Ł. Smoleczewski, W. Humięcki, PL
26. Dynamic analysis of lightweight structure of the Viaduct Millau in France subjected to the wind fluctuations described by Karman’s and Davenport’s spectrum, M. Zielińska, K. Grębowski, PL



27. Information about LSCE, J.B. Obrębski, PL
28. Information about IASS Polish Chapters, J.B. Obrębski, PL
29. List of numbers of papers, authors and members of committees from particular countries, J.B. Obrębski, PL
30. IASS Policy on Chapter Approved at 22 September, 2013, J.B. Obrębski, PL
31. STATUTE of POC of IASS PCs, R. Tarczewski, J.B. Obrębski, PL
31. Short report on IASS Symposium in Brazil at September 15-19, 2014, J.B. Obrębski, PL
33. Contents 1995-2013 – List of papers published in LSCE books, J.B. Obrębski, PL
34. Author index for LSCE books 1995-2014
35. List of general lectures given during LSCE conferences
36. List of members of Honorary, Scientific, Organizing, Committees and Advisory Panel for particular LSCE 1995-2014 


XXI. CONTENTS – LSCE 2015 - Rzeszów


XXII. CONTENTS – LSCE 2016 - Olsztyn


I Devices of passive vibration control of building structures, Gołębiowska, M. Dutkiewicz, B. Usewicz
II Lightweight structures in architecture: scenarios for the future, J. Kabrońska
III Design of slender RC columns of annular cross-section according to Eurocode 2 and the improved numerical method, K. Klempa
IV Perforated thin-walled bars – FEM application for deformation of post-critical deformation modes, Ł. Kowalewski, A. Piotrowski, M. Gajewski, S. Jemioło
V Lightweight glass and metal roof structures in the 19th century. Architecture an construction, M. Kwasek, A. Piwek
VI Monitoring of structural vibrations using GNSS and accelerometer data – preliminary tests, L. Małyszko, E. Kowalska, J. Paziewski, A. Rutkiewicz, R. Sieradzki
VII Static response of axially loaded tensegrity prism. Example of using proprietary programming language, L. Małyszko
VIII Comments to selected mechanical analyses of bar structures, J.B. Obrębski
IX Verification and monitoring of housing investments by the Earned Value Method, M.Z. Obrębski
X Diagnostics of geometry and condition of a wooden structures based on point cloud, J. Pawłowicz, P. Bilko, E.Szafranko, S. Sawczyński
XI Some problems of supporting offshore wind turbines, J. Przewłócki, P. Iwicki
XII The impact of material degradation on the resistance and reliability of truss structures, R. Ptaszek, J. Górski, K. Winkelmann
XIII Static, fatigue and dynamic tests of the full-scale hybrid “FRP composite – concrete” bridge girder, M. Rajchel, T. Siwowski
XIV Steel hot-rolled, cold-formed, and hot-finished structural hollow sections – an experimental stability study, J. Szafrn, K. Juszczyk, M. Kamiński
XV Steel lattice tower reliability estimation for serviceability limit state, J. Szafrn, K. Juszczyk, M. Kamiński
XVI Polyurea coating systems: definitione, research, applications, J. Szafrna, A. Matusiak
XVII The quality of measurements of a building taken by means of a 3D scanner, E. Szafranko, J.A. Pawłowicz
XVIII Analysis and design of a steel single-layer geodesic domes, R. Szmit, M. Pawelski
XIX Semi-precast reinforced concrete formwork panels for construction of free-form shells, R. Tarczewski, M Święciak


XXIII LSCE 2017 Bydgoszcz - Contents


I Parametric shaping of architectural free forms for building roofed with corrugated shells, A. Prokopska, J. Abramczyk
II Determination of critical forces with corresponding deformation modes for perforated thin-walled bars, Ł Kowalewski, A. Piotrowski, M. Gajewski, S. Jemioło
III On the stochastic fire simulation of the guyed mast by the response function method, M. Strąkowski, M.M. Kamiński
IV Design of tensegrity modules with UHMWPE cables based on experiments and nonlinear behavior, L. Małyszko
V Remarks of finite differences and 3D-time space application, J. B. Obrębski
VI Covers of large areas in the form of octahedron-based spatial bar structures, D. Pilarska
VII Design of steel structures for a given level of reliability using partial safety factors calibration procedure, J. Szafran, K. Juszczyk, M. Kamiński
VIII Structural behaviour and compressive strength of concrete rings strengthened with a polyurea coating system, J. Szafran, A. Matusiak
IX Application of bionic shell forms in the contemporary civil engineering, R. Szmit, J. Chrząszcz
X Riscs influence on section of applied managing system for investment project, M.Z. Obrębski
XI Antigalloping devices on overhead power lines, I. Gołębiowska, M. Dutkiewicz, R. Tews
XII Quadrilateral planarization of free-form surfaces and the Euler’s elastica, R. Tarczewski, M. Święciak
XIII About the modelling of the aluminium telecommunication masts with lattice shaft, P. Pawlaczyk, J. Gajewski, T. Mikulski
XIV Requirements for polytunnels under Polish operating conditions, D. Bajno, R. Tews, A. Grzybowska
XV Arranging the microstructure of pastes for thin-walled reinforced concrete roof structures, Ł. Mrozik



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