Professor Tomasz Lewiński, Prof., Ph.D., D. Sc., Eng.

Warsaw University of Technology
General Lecture

Professor Tomasz Lewiński, Prof., Ph.D., D. Sc., Eng.
Department of Structural Mechanics and Computer Aided Engineering
Institute of Building Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Title of the lecture: On optimization of structural topology of load carrying structures

Tomasz Lewiński graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering in 1979. The Ph.D. thesis on Continuum models of latticed plates of hexagonal microstructure was defended in 1984, under the supervision of prof. Zbigniew Mazurkiewicz. The main results presented in the habilitation (1991) were published in the papers: I - Effective models of composite periodic plates. I-Asymptotic solution. Int.J.Solids Structures 27(1991) 1155-1172; II- Simplifications due to symmetries. ibidem 1173-1184; III- Two-dimensional approaches, ibidem 1185-1203; Homogenizing stiffnesses of plates with periodic structure. Int.J.Solids.Structures 29(1992) 309-326.

Close cooperation with prof. Józef Joachim Telega and his team  (IPPT PAN, Warsaw) in the years 1985-2005. Recipient of the Alexander von Humboldt Scholarship, University of Essen, Germany in the years 1992-1993, the host: prof. George I.N. Rozvany.

Cooperation (1997-2013) with prof. Jan Sokołowski and prof. F. Ganghoffer, Institute of E. Cartan, University of Lorraine, France.

Co-organizer of the CISM course in Udine in June 2013 and co-editor of the book:G.I.N. Rozvany, T. Lewiński (Eds.)  Topology Optimization in Structural and Continuum Mechanics. CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences 549. Courses and Lectures. Springer Wien, CISM, Udine 2014. 471 pp.

Awardee of the Olgierd Zienkiewicz medal of the Polish Society for Computational Methods in Mechanics (PTMKM, 2019).

Co-author of the books:

T.Lewiński, J.J.Telega, Plates, Laminates, and Shells. Asymptotic Analysis and Homogenization. World Scientific Publishing.,768 pp, Singapore, 2000.

T.Lewinski, T.Sokół, C. Graczykowski, Michell Structures, Springer, Cham, Switzerland 569 pp., 2019

At present: chair of the Section of Optimization of the Committee on Mechanics for the term 2020-2024,


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